The following are Bremen Group partners, advisors and associates :

  Louis Cattaruzza, Founder

Louis Cattaruzza, Founder

Best known for starting an Investment Bank/Broker Dealer. As the company developed  290 registered brokers worked with 35,000 clients to help early stage projects get private and public capital. The business was sold. In 1996 he started an internet business media marketing company that at its peak was valued at $250 million.

For the last ten years his focus has been on developing projects that operate within a Socially Responsible Corporate Governance. ( a clearinghouse and insurance company for referral fee transactions, a Virtual Business Incubator).

He sits on boards of both for and not-for-profit companies, advising them on their strategic plans and fund raising initiatives. He is an advocate for the arts and founder of the Village Artist Organization.

Today besides helping to guide the growth of Bremen Group, his pet project is the introduction of a program he has developed that serves the needs of individuals who are not experiencing satisfaction in their work and lives. Satisfaction being a core component to a life with purpose, joy and well being.  His book "The Search for Satisfaction" is expected to be published by fall of 2018.


Lord Imarl, Bremen Partner Associate

I have been helping companies for the last 20 years adapt solutions to technology issues.  I pride myself as a solution provider always being mindful of the new developments that technology has to offer. Not every solution is the same and one needs to understand the requirements and resources for organizations to realize sustainable growth.

As a founding partner of RFEX my role was to advise in the development of the technology and to execute on the companies strategic plan including technology, marketing and funding.

I am also an advisor to start up companies who are part of Biz connection incubator. As a team member of BCI, it is my task to help those that join who are struggling with IT solutions in providing them with most affordable and scalable programs.