When our advisors meet with executives of businesses who are interested in either            growing their business organically or through a strategic acquisition plan, we start by learning what their needs and objectives are. We analyze their current resources and how they are deployed. We can then understand what needs to be done and devise the most effective way to accomplish their  objectives. 

With a clear understanding of their situation we deploy our resources to develop and implement effective campaigns.

We may also be able to accomplish the company's growth objectives by targeting strategic acquisitions or partnerships .

The scope of our relationships can best be understood by the resources that we have available through our strategic partnership  with the Referral Fee Exchange, which provides access to a large network of referral agents.

If your are contemplating selling your business, we provide advice taking into account your tax liability, the possibility of having your employees purchase your company, as well as generate an exit strategy that may include a public offering. 

Our associates sit on advisory boards of growth companies and, if the opportunity is right, our parent company LCAT Holdings, Inc. will help finance your acquisitions or act as principal acquirer.