We  constantly update our database of businesses for sale. Before we present those opportunities to you, we will spend the necessary time to understand exactly what you are looking for and your resources in order to tailor a transaction that fits your needs. This may include, if you qualify, helping you finance your transaction. 

To find the fit you are looking for we use traditional media, our syndicate of other business brokers, as well as our proprietary referral network. 

Our market is small to mid size businesses.

Some tips for the first time buyer:

Statistics reveal that out of about 15 would-be business buyers, only one will actually buy a business. 

If a prospective business buyer is employed, he or she has to make the decision to leave the job and go into business for him or her self. There is also the financial commitment necessary to actually invest in a business and in any subsequent loans. The new owner will likely need to execute a lease or assume an existing one, which is another financial commitment. These financial obligations are almost always guaranteed personally by the new owner.

The prospective business owner must also be willing to make that “leap of faith” that is so necessary to becoming a business owner. There is also the matter of family and personal responsibilities. Business ownership, aside from being a large financial consideration, is very time consuming, especially for a new business owner.

All of the above factors have to be weighed very carefully by anyone that is considering business ownership. Buyers should think carefully about the risks – and the rewards. Sellers should also put themselves in the buyer’s position. The services of a professional business broker or intermediary can help determine the relative pros and cons of the transaction.